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The Windsor Business rate card is the same tabloid size as the magazine itself.

On page 3, you'll see a grid made up of 55 units, which constitutes a full tabloid page:

5 units wide x 11 units deep. Multiply the number of units wide by the number of units deep to get your total area. For example, 4 across x 3 deep equals 12 units. This could be 4 units wide x 3 deep, 3 units wide x 4 deep, or 2 units wide x 6 deep.

Then go to "12" on the grid and there you'll see the black and white frequency rates. The more often you run a size, the less expensive it is per insertion. The dimensions in inches are found along the bottom and left side of the grid. Colour charges are in addition to the space rate and are listed at the bottom of the grid.

We are happy to design the ad mats for our clients at no charge, as part of our service.

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